Respect-Encourage-Excel.  These are the core values Future Girls has operated by since starting as a charity delivering a gratuitous program to underprivileged girls in Toronto over 5 years ago. Since opening our doors,  the Future Girls team has always been committed to instilling in each of its players, the core fundamentals of sport, plus the essential life values of teamwork, discipline, respect and work ethic that comes with getting active in a sporting atmosphere.  Through skills and games, Future Girls desire is to empower every young girl in our midst to be confident as an individual, respected as a teammate and most importantly, become the strongest version of herself that she can be.

The Benefits of Sport

Physical activity and sport offer numerous benefits to girls and has lasting effects on their mental and physical health.  Being involved in sports has proven to provide protective effects against osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, suicide and adolescent pregnancy. Girls who play sports report a greater sense of control over their own bodies and have higher general feelings of empowerment and self-direction.  Girls who play sports do better in school and learn teamwork and goal-setting skills.  Playing sports builds confidence and its social setting helps girls make friends.

Sport MATTERS to Girls.

How it’s DELIVERED to Girls Matters Even More.


I have seen several leagues in Mississauga but this one is run so much better, way more organized, and the girls seem a lot more skilled. Coach Kim, along with other coaches are on top of everything! Quite happy to be a part of Future Girls for sure!

Missy T.

I did also want to let you know that your soccer program is amazing -As a mom of three girls, the concept of your program is fantastic, and it was an amazing learning experience for all three last summer. I recall that after my husband watched his first session, he remarked to me that he thought there was more skill-development in one session than our girls had experienced in 2 summers playing house league elsewhere!

Sara H.

Back in July we registered our daughter for a soccer program ‘similar’ to yours. (or at least it was supposed to be) Not to put them down, but it was an absolutely TERRIBLE investment. It wasn’t a good experience at all and we were disappointed to say the least. We were so happy & excited to see how the house league unfolded on Saturday with Coach Kim. It was nothing short of AMAZING. I am still in awe with how all the ladies/coaches gave the girls the 30 min drills (real drills this time around) and how the game was played amongst the girls. My daughter absolutely LOVED it with a passion as did my wife & myself. We are sooooooooooooooo happy to have come into the fold of Future Girls Soccer. Our daughter just loved the first day as much as we did. She was really in her element. I love the attention all the coaches give the girls and the pointers and the drills. This is amazing and I know with 100% certainty our daughter will excel in your program.

Malou & Daniel

More and more studies are showing that in order for girls to start and stay in sports the environment they start in is one of the most important contributing success factors.

Are the coaches qualified?

Are the coaches relatable role models?

Are the coaches encouraging?

Are the coaches calling them by name?

Are there enough coaches?

Are the coaches treating them as valued customers?

Are the coaches organized?

Are the coaches emphasizing participation?

Are the coaches emphasizing inclusivity?

Are the coaches making a connection with your daughter?

Are the coaches making it fun?

The answer to all of these questions in Future Girls House Leagues is YES.

Since 2015 Future Girls has been delivering high quality soccer programming to girls 4-15 years in the Peel region. Female Coaches Inspiring Female Players is the backdrop to our program delivery. Our FUN-damentals house leagues deliver quality skills building and fun games in a non-competitive atmosphere, ensuring every skill level(especially beginners), take away learnings and a love for the sport. Future Girls was awarded Gold in 2017 and Platinum in 2018 in the Oakville Beaver Reader’s Choice Awards by customers throughout Peel for their programming and parent testimonials speak to the care we put into our house league experience.

Players, Parents and Coaches, 3 Pillars that no successful program can exist without.